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Diebel Legacy Fund Investments

At the Diebel Legacy Fund, we don’t make donations, we invest in ideas, programs, and people!

This entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy has allowed us to be choosy in how we spend the money entrusted to us. As a family fund, we seek out opportunities where a smaller, targeted investment can yield the largest impact.
In the twenty years we have been in existence, the Diebel Legacy Fund has invested just over $840,000 with an economic impact of over $2.6 Million!
For example, Shepherd’s Hope had had trouble finding a partner to invest in a groundbreaking prescription drug program they wanted to explore. The cost was $50,000 — a small sum for the major corporations they had solicited. The Diebel Legacy Fund made this investment, which was rather large for us at that time, and helped Shepherd’s Hope prove that this program was needed and could be successful. With the concept proven, larger local investors came in and funded the full program.
A Sampling of Diebel Legacy Fund Investments: