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Creating More Doctors Like Don

Don Diebel, Jr. was that doctor we all hope we will have. Often, when his workday ended, Don devoted his personal time to quietly offering his medical assistance in people’s homes who could not afford a visit to a doctor’s office or the ER.  He didn’t talk about this “extra” work. It was his gift to people in need, in our community.

The Diebel Legacy Fund is committed to
Creating More Doctors Like Don... creating opportunities for caregivers to experience helping those in truly in need — as Don did throughout his lifetime.

Medical Samaritan Program

The Diebel Legacy Fund’s “Medical Samaritan Program: "
1. Invests in the Organizations that care for the uninsured;
2. Creates unique opportunities for students, novice, and experienced caregivers to help those in need; and, 
3. Improves our community through an investment in the health and wellbeing of our community members.