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Medical Samaritan Program

At the end of the day, we believe that the world needs more doctors like Don.

Don didn’t see medicine as a job, but rather as his calling. During college and medical school, he often did Medical Missionary work in undeveloped countries. During his career, he continued this work here in Central Florida, caring for those with many medical needs and few treatment options.

To help create more physicians who share Don’s passion for helping others, The Diebel Legacy Fund has created the Medical Samaritan Program. This program is designed to include both local and international medical service, emulating Don’s passion for medical work both at home and away.

The Diebel Legacy Fund’s Medical Samaritan Program:

Invests in the organizations that care for the uninsured;

  • Creates unique opportunities for students, novice, and experienced caregivers to help those in need; and
  • Improves our community through the betterment of the health and wellbeing of our community members.


The Diebel Legacy Fund makes charitable investments in local organizations that care for uninsured community members. As part of the Healthcare Samaritan Program, The Diebel Legacy Fund has invested over $840,000 to date, with an economic impact of over $2.6 Million!

To learn more about our investments, click here.


In 2012, the Diebel Legacy Fund began work on an idea: a student run clinic to serve the uninsured of Central Florida. We quickly discovered that we were not alone in our quest. We found true partners in the Grace Medical Home and the University of Central Florida’s College of Medicine. By working together with our partners, we were able to create The KNIGHTS Clinic.

The KNIGHTS Clinic is coordinated by medical students at UCF’s College of Medicine and staffed by student and physician volunteers from all areas of study, including medical, nursing, pharmacy, undergraduate, and graduate students, working in interdisciplinary teams alongside community collaborators and under the guided supervision of licensed practitioners.

The Diebel Legacy Fund’s KNIGHTS Clinic serves Orlando and neighboring communities through direct health care services, health promotion, disease prevention, social support, case management, and appropriate referrals to medical and social resources in the community.


At the Diebel Legacy Fund, we believe that by Creating More Doctors Like Don, we are helping our community prosper:
A medical student or practitioner works with a patient, taking the time to see the “whole person,” and to experience what it’s like to help that person get better in a holistic way.

  • For the medical student or practitioner, this experience ties back to their core passion for why it wa important to them to be a caregiver. This experience minimizes the “red tape” of healthcare out of the experience and focuses on caring for our fellow person.
  • For the patient, this experience often rekindles their hope in getting past their ailments and becoming the person they want to be.
  • For Grace Medical Home, the Diebel Legacy Fund’s KNIGHTS Clinic allows them to expand their services and cover patients who are currently on the long waiting list for care.
  • For UCF’s College of Medicine, the Diebel Legacy Fund’s KNIGHTS Clinic allows students to truly experience patient care in a very fundamental way often not found through books and simulations.
  • For the Central Florida Community, the Diebel Legacy Fund’s KNIGHTS Clinic helps community members live more fulfilling lives, improving the community as a whole.
  • For the Diebel Legacy Fund, We get to live in a world with More Doctors Like Don.