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Knights Medical Clinic

How We Created the Diebel Legacy Fund’s KNIGHTS Clinic

The Diebel Family’s grandchildren have all shared the same pediatrician—Dr. Marvin Hardy. In 2008, we learned that Dr. Hardy was leaving his private practice to co-found Grace Medical Home. Several years later, the Diebel Legacy Fund was approached about funding a medical mission trip for local medical students to go to the Dominican Republic. We agreed on the condition that those medical students participate in medical mission work right here in Central Florida.

Through our partnership with Grace Medical Home, and the Diebel Family’s relationship with Dr. Hardy, we were able to sketch the broad strokes of what would become the Diebel Legacy Fund’s KNIGHTS Clinic. We enlisted the help of the faculty at UCF’s College of Medicine to create what is now an operating clinic.
The Diebel Legacy Fund’s KNIGHTS Clinic operates 12 to 18 nights per year, and serves the patients on Grace Medical Home’s waiting list. Medical Students operate the clinic, under the supervision of their faculty mentors. This program is our way of actively creating More Doctors Like Don, while also serving the medical needs of our community’s uninsured patients.

The Medical Samaritan Program

Shepherd’s Hope and the Diebel Legacy Fund’s KNIGHTS Clinic are the bookends of the Medical Samaritan Program. Through these programs, we support organizations that care for the uninsured; we create opportunities for students, novice, and experi-enced caregivers to help those in need; and we are improving our community through investments in the health and wellbeing of our community members.

Join us at one of our events or make a donation today so that you can be a part of these impactful programs!