The Diebel Legacy Fund—Supporting Medical Missionary Work in Orlando

Orlando Medical Non-Profit for Local Families

The Diebel Legacy Fund grew out of a tragic community event. On June 8, 2002, Dr. Donald Diebel Jr. lost his life while giving medical assistance to a newly married couple who had overturned their vehicle on the Florida Turnpike median. As he and firefighter Shane Kelly, and several other Good Samaritans, worked at the rain-slicked scene of the accident to help free the young couple, a tractor trailer lost control and struck the site, instantly killing both men and injuring several others who were also offering assistance.

The Orlando community experienced a tremendous loss that day. A beloved figure in the medical community, Don’s many generous contributions only became fully apparent after he was taken from us. Stories of Don quietly traveling to the homes of individuals that could not afford medical care to offer his services free of charge suddenly arose. Former patients recalled the dedication, respect and caring he showed to them during their treatment.

Active in Medical Missionary work throughout his college career, it was only after Don was lost that we realized the real depth of his commitment to serving less fortunate members of the community. And it is from this seed of selfless commitment planted by Dr. Donald Diebel Jr. during his lifetime that this Orlando non-profit continues to grow today.

Dr. Donald Diebel’s Legacy Today

From that tremendous loss, an equally powerful desire to help grew in those Don touched during his lifetime. The initial outpouring of support for Don’s family quickly gave birth to the question of how to best honor his legacy. The Diebel Legacy Fund was then created to honor and further Don’s commitment to Local Medical Missionary work.

Carried out in his name and honor, The Diebel Legacy Fund supports ongoing Medical Missionary work through its university affiliations and fundraising efforts. This Orlando non-profit also recognizes and honors local Good Samaritans who perform heroic deeds without seeking personal glory.

Since its initial introduction as the N. Donald Diebel, Jr., M.D. Good Samaritan Fund, The Diebel Legacy Fund has made a financial impact on the community that amounts to more than $2 million. To find out how you can help support and carry on Don’s legacy and dedication to selfless community service, visit our donations page.