Diebel Legacy Founders

Meet the Founders of The Diebel Legacy Fund

Discover this Orlando Fund’s Founding Members

Dr. Donald Diebel Jr. made a tremendous impact on the lives he touched. With his outgoing personality, good looks and devotion to family, Don was an easy man to like and respect. Those personal attributes gained him many close friendships throughout his life, and it was three of these friends who first proposed The Diebel Legacy Fund.

Just weeks after his death, Joseph Meier, Drew Samelson and Michael Snure came to Don’s father with the idea of creating the Fund to honor the many tremendous contributions Don made in the community as well as their friendship with him. The Fund was founded the next year through the efforts of Don’s friends, family and widow, Karen:

N. Donald Diebel Sr.

N. Donald Diebel Sr.MD

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Following the initial idea for beginning a foundation to honor and promote the legacy Donnie left behind, Joe, Drew and Mike looked to Dr. Diebel for leadership. As The Diebel Legacy Fund grew to a fully realized non-profit dedicated to making an impact in the community, Donald Diebel Sr. provided the guidance that allowed it to grow and impact so many lives.

Anne H. Diebel-Lane

Anne H. Diebel-LanePsy.D.

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Anne supported the initial founding of The Diebel Legacy Fund and served as the Secretary until 2012. As a founding member of the board, Anne took on organizational efforts and chaired Fund galas. After receiving her Psy.D, Anne was in the private practice in psychology for many years.

Karen Diebel Sessions

Karen Diebel SessionsExecutive Director, Verizon Business

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Karen, Don’s wife, initially helped launch The Diebel Legacy Fund. She and Don met while both were students at the University of Notre Dame and married while Don was in his residency in OB/GYN at Tampa General Hospital.

Joseph Meier

Joseph MeierManaging Partner, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network – Orlando Office

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One of Don’s closest friends, Joe joined Drew and Mike in initially coming to Don’s father with the idea to create this fund to honor their friend. Joe is the Managing Partner for the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.

Drew Samelson

Drew SamelsonRepresentative, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

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As a close friend, Drew joined Mike and Joe in initially proposing the idea for The Diebel Legacy Fund to Don’s father. Drew is a Financial Representative at the Meier Agency for Northwestern Mutual in Orlando.

Michael Snure

Michael SnurePartner, Snure & Ponall, PA

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Mike was one of Don’s three close friends who initially suggested this Fund. Mike is a Florida Bar Board Certified Trial Lawyer who has practiced law in Winter Park since 1982.

Learn more about the past accomplishments of The Diebel Legacy Fund, as well as the current efforts to help the Orlando community through the recognition of Central Florida Good Samaritans and the promotion of Medical Missionary work Don so strongly believed in.