Good Samaritan Award Winners

The Diebel Legacy Fund Good Samaritan Award

History of Orlando Good Samaritan Award

The Diebel Legacy Fund presents the Good Samaritan Award to someone in the Central Florida community who performs a heroic act without hope of recognition or personal gain. The Fund Founders modeled this award after the selfless actions of Don Diebel Jr. and Shane Kelly on the Florida Turnpike on June 8, 2002.

We believe that one of the best ways to encourage these actions in the Central Florida community is to honor those who act as Don did throughout his life as well as at the time of his death.

Eligibility for The Diebel Legacy Fund Good Samaritan Award

Anyone who commits a heroic act outside of their stated job duties and is not looking for personal benefit in return is eligible and can be nominated for The Diebel Legacy Fund Good Samaritan Award. While firefighters, police officers and other emergency and safety personnel may certainly be nominated, the reason for their nomination must extend beyond the scope of what the average first responder would do in that situation. The nominee must also be a member of the Central Florida community.

To make your nomination for a local Good Samaritan who you believe deserves recognition, use the application button to the left. You may also view a list of our past award winners.