Current Projects and Accomplishments

Current Projects of The Diebel Legacy Fund

The Board of Directors for The Diebel Legacy Fund took an entire year to review the accomplishments of our first ten years and decide where we want to focus the efforts of our next ten years. As a result of this fund review and planning, we broadened our name and created the framework for a very specific yet scalable program we call the Medical Samaritan Program.

What Does The Diebel Legacy Fund Do?

We help make successful, community-oriented doctors.

The Diebel Legacy Fund has partnered with UCF’s College of Medicine to create the Medical Samaritan Program with the purpose of creating new generations of community-minded, caring doctors like Don Diebel.

What Experiences Shaped Dr. Diebel?

They were more than father and son, they were best friends

At our core, we believe that the world would be a better place if there were more doctors like Don Diebel Jr. With this in mind, we began to analyze how Don Diebel Jr. became the doctor he was. What we discovered was that it was his service throughout his life that defined him.

In college and after, Dr. Diebel spent time traveling to developing nations to perform medical missionary work. During these trips, he would often work from dawn to dusk, helping people who had stood in line for days for the chance to be seen by visiting doctors and medical practitioners. On his breaks, he could often be found playing basketball with local kids.

Later, as a practicing physician, Dr. Don Diebel Jr. spent time quietly doing local medical missionary work. He never sought recognition for these ongoing efforts in the community. It was only after his death that his family learned of many of these deeds. These actions often involved his medical skills, but sometimes included manual labor, such as changing a flat tire for a patient after his office had closed for the day.

Don Diebel was a great physician because he cared. Not because he was paid to, but because he wanted to serve others. We at The Diebel Legacy Fund believe that our communities would be benefitted by more physicians like Don Diebel Jr.

The Medical Samaritan Program is an innovative new program designed to develop and encourage caring medical students to become physicians like Don Diebel Jr. Along the way, we hope these men and women will serve our community here and others abroad as Don did.

The Medical Samaritan Program is comprised of three parts:

  • Local Medical Samaritanism
    The UCF College of Medicine operates the Knight Clinic at the Grace Medical Home in Orlando. This clinic, like the many programs at Grace Medical Home, offers working families below the poverty level access to fundamental and specialty medical care at a fraction of the costs they would incur anywhere else. Grace even serves as their patients’ “Medical Home” where they can coordinate all their health care needs.
  • International Medical Samaritanism
    Each July, the UCF College of Medicine sponsors a trip to the Dominican Republic to offer medical care to patients who would not normally have access to it. Medical students are even paired with fellow students in the host country.
  • Speaker Series
    These programs are open to the public and educate both medical practitioners and community members on how local and international Medical Samaritans can benefit communities.

About Our Partnership with the UCF College of Medicine

The Diebel Legacy Fund has partnered with UCF’s College of Medicine to create the Medical Samaritan Program with the purpose of creating new generations of community-minded, caring doctors like Don Diebel. This innovative program actually pairs UCF medical students with medical students from the host country. By encouraging this partnership, we help establish a permanent clinic that can then be run by local physicians once the UCF medical students leave.

Through our investment in the Medical Samaritan Program, we offer partial scholarships to qualified UCF medical students for their annual International Medical Samaritan trip. In order to qualify for these scholarships, the students must maintain a 3.0 or better GPA and complete 20+ hours of Local Medical Samaritan activities at the Knight Clinic.

Please contact a Diebel Legacy Fund representative to learn more about any of our current efforts to promote Medical Samaritanism. We can only make lasting community impacts through your support of these programs. We’re standing by to answer your questions.

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The Diebel Legacy Fund and the UCF College of Medicine

The Speaker Series is a partnership between The Diebel Legacy Fund and the UCF College of Medicine. This program hosts engaging lectures by medical field leaders on the latest healthcare trends that benefit entire communities, like Medical Samaritan and volunteer work.

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