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Past Accomplishments of The Diebel Legacy Fund

What Has The Diebel Legacy Fund Done?

The Diebel Legacy Fund has taken an entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy, seeking out opportunities to make the largest impact possible with smaller gifts. In our first ten years, The Diebel Legacy Fund gave grants totaling just over $414,000. Through matching donations and other innovative approaches to giving, these grants created an economic impact on the Central Florida community of over $2 Million.

During our first decade, grants were placed into three categories: Named Gifts, Good Samaritan Grants and One-Time Help. The past accomplishments of The Diebel Legacy Fund have changed the lives of countless women, children and families in the Central Florida community, and our non-profit continues to build upon this success today. Please view our list of accomplishments below to see the real and lasting impact they have made.

Named Gifts

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The mission of The Diebel Legacy Fund is to recognize, honor and perpetuate the concept of the Good Samaritan. One of the best ways to honor Dr. Diebel’s Legacy is by making gifts that honor his name specifically. Examples of our named gifts include the following community contributions:

Ronald McDonald House at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Women and Children

The Diebel Legacy Fund partnered with the Notre Dame Club of Greater Orlando to establish and construct a Notre Dame-themed bedroom at the Ronald McDonald House. The Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation matched this fundraising effort dollar for dollar, providing a total charitable donation of $50,000 to the Ronald McDonald House serving the patients and their families at the hospital where Dr. Donald Diebel Jr. practiced.

Colonial Shepherd's Hope Dr. Diebel Jr. Memorial Health Center

As an organization dedicated to providing free healthcare to uninsured Central Florida individuals, Shepherd’s Hope embodies the principles of service and local Medical Missionary work that were such a big part of Dr. Donald Diebel Jr.’s life. Using an all-volunteer health staff, Shepherd’s Hope Clinics rely on community support to provide care for the men, women and children who have no health insurance, no money and no way to get the medical care they need.

The Diebel Legacy Fund donated $50,000 to the center, which covered 1,500 medical visits. With that donation, the center was renamed the Colonial Shepherd's Hope Dr. Diebel Jr. Memorial Health Center. The Diebel Legacy Fund continued their support by establishing a program providing for the prescription needs of Shepherd’s Hope patients. Contributions in the name of Don Diebel continue to be made today.

Good Samaritan Grants

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The purpose of the Good Samaritan Grants was to have a longer term impact on a select group of organizations in Central Florida. Our goal was to make grants to the same group of charities each year and target our funds to specific projects that make the greatest impact on the community.

During the seven years that we have offered this grant program, The Diebel Legacy Fund has made grants to nineteen organizations. In all, contributions have totaled over $135,000. The following eight organizations have participated all seven years:

  • B.E.T.A. Center
  • Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida
  • Camp Challenge (Easter Seals)
  • Kids House of Seminole
  • New Hope for Kids
  • Orlando Union Rescue Mission
  • Quest, Inc. (Life Concepts, Inc.)
  • Russell Home for Atypical Children

One-Time Help

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Of the over $20,000 donated as one time gifts, most of these were trial grants from organizations nominated by Board members to join the Good Samaritan Grants program. For one reason or another, these grants did not continue. However, the impact of these generous one-time gifts certainly has.

We have also made smaller, one-time grants to Central Florida organizations in need. Not all of these organizations fit into our normal target of organizations that support Central Florida women and children, but all were worthy organizations that reached out to The Diebel Legacy Fund in a time of need. One such organization we supported was The Orlando Science Center.

The Good Samaritan Award

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As a formal way to promote and recognize extreme dedication, bravery or heroism in the community, The Diebel Legacy Fund takes applications and presents a community member with this award. The Good Samaritan Award supports our vision for the Central Florida community as a place where Good Samaritan acts are the rule, not the exception.

If you know someone who deserves recognition for their selfless acts and exemplifies the qualities of a Good Samaritan, please nominate them. To make your mark on the life of a Central Florida individual in need, please consider making a donation today. What may seem like a small contribution from you could mean the world to someone less fortunate.